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The Pinnacle of Boxing Gloves in Canada

Welcome to SPAR - Canada's destination for the best boxing gloves.

SPAR Classic Boxing Gloves are not just another pair of gloves. They are a testament to superior craftsmanship and performance.


Every pair, molded from 100% genuine cowhide leather, combines durability, comfort, and peak quality.


When you think of where to buy boxing gloves that marry tradition with innovation, think SPAR.

The Ultimate Protection: SPAR TrilayerTech™

Every boxer in Canada knows that the heart of boxing gloves lies in protection.


SPAR Classic Boxing Gloves champion this with their groundbreaking three-layer protection system:

  • Latex Foam Outer Layer: Beyond its high-resilience against wear, our latex foam ensures that these are the best boxing gloves for staving off hand fatigue, holding their shape through countless training sessions.

  • High-Density Synthetic Foam Middle Layer: Dive into the core of protection without the bulk, making each punch count with renewed vigor.