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About Garinder

Welcome to my page! My name is Garinder Takhar and I am 23 years old currently on the Canadian Elite National Team and ranked #1 in Canada. I have been boxing for 10 years now and have over 40 fights under my belt. I am a 2x International Bronze Medalist and have won many Provincial and Golden Gloves Tournaments. I am currently preparing for the pan am qualifiers being held in Montreal from June 20-23 at the 60kg division.


I chose to work as a sponsored athlete with SPAR because I have grown to love boxing since the young age of 14, and have heard many great things about SPAR. SPAR is an great Canadian based company with high quality boxing apparel and equipment. I am thankful for this great opportunity to be working with such a great company and cannot wait for what the future holds. #sparcrew.

Instagram: @__garindert

Home Club: King Of The Ring Boxing Club & Fitness

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