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Alan Belcher Overcomes Chase DeMoor in Frenzied Fiasco at Misfits Boxing 8

Alan Belcher's introductory match in Misfits Boxing was nothing short of chaotic.

Alan Belcher Stops Chase Demoor in the boxing ring
Alan Belcher Stops Chase Demoor

On Saturday evening, Belcher was set to clash with Hasim Rahman Jr. in an eagerly awaited boxing showdown at Misfits Boxing 8. However, when Rahman was ruled out due to an injury, Chase DeMoor, an influencer and former star of Too Hot to Handle, stepped into the ring as a last-minute replacement, leading to an unfortunate fiasco.

DeMoor spent a significant portion of the match leveraging his reach to maintain distance from Belcher. He extended his leading arm and persistently kept Belcher at bay while backtracking. Whenever Belcher broke past the lead hand, DeMoor immediately clinched, clearly focused on surviving the three-round exhibition. This strategy left Belcher, the former BKFC heavyweight champion, noticeably aggravated.

Further escalating the turmoil, DeMoor's coaches, during the interval before the final round, advised him to prioritize survival, even suggesting that he ignore the referee's instructions to break from clinches. Belcher retaliated with heightened aggression at the start of the round, throwing wild punches and trying to provoke DeMoor into confrontation. Subsequently, all hell broke loose.

Belcher succeeded in cornering DeMoor against the ropes, unloading hefty punches that caused DeMoor to recoil into his corner. This led to referee Anthony Bryant intervening and an argument ensuing between Bryant and DeMoor's corner about alleged illegal blows to the back of DeMoor's head. As this was happening, the bout was still ongoing. Bryant attempted to resume the match amidst a heated exchange, but DeMoor's corner gave their fighter water while the match was technically still active.

Despite his attempts, Bryant was unable to halt DeMoor and his corner, thus he let the breach slide and resumed the match. Belcher, without missing a beat, continued his aggressive assault. DeMoor did his best to withstand the onslaught, but after turning his back on Belcher once again, Bryant intervened and stopped the match. Belcher was then declared the winner by TKO, marking the conclusion of the chaotic event.

Post-match, Belcher and Rahman Jr. had a brief in-ring confrontation, discussing the potential for a future showdown once Rahman recovers from his injury.

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