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Alex Stein Axed from Misfits Boxing 8 Over Disrespectful Prank on Muslim Opponent

YouTube personality Alex Stein and TikTok sensation Mo Deen were scheduled for a celebrity bout at Misfits Boxing: X Series 008. However, the planned match was abandoned due to an offensive incident instigated by Stein.

Alex Stein throws a bucket of Hot Dogs at muslim opponent Mo Deen
Alex Stein throws a bucket of Hot Dogs at muslim opponent Mo Deen

Stein, a 36-year-old right-wing YouTuber notorious for targeting public figures like Brittney Griner and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, created a scene at the MF & DAZN: X Series 008 pre-fight press conference.

Stein Assaults Muslim Rival with Hotdogs

In a disgraceful act, Stein hurled a bucket of hotdogs at Mo Deen, who practices Islam. Claiming it was a "gift" for Deen, Stein's offensive behavior incited a commotion at the press conference.

Mo Deen attempted to confront Stein, but security intervened. The event descended into chaos, with the stage getting destroyed and more disorderly conduct from Stein.

Misfits Boxing Severs Ties with Stein

In response to Stein's conduct, Misfits Boxing promptly removed him from their forthcoming event. Stein later shared a "Termination of Contract" letter on his social media, indicating that the promotion has severed all ties.

The letter cited Stein's inappropriate actions during the press conference, which tarnished the reputation of Misfits Boxing, its shareholders, and partners.

Stein Defends His Actions, Deen Open to Future Fight

Despite the cancellation of their bout, Mo Deen expressed his willingness to compete, finding it unfair that he was penalized for another's actions.

While Stein expressed regret for disappointing the fans looking forward to the fight, he insisted the hotdogs were turkey, not pork. Stein has since taken to social media, playing the victim of "cancel culture" and claiming he was "cancelled" for a joke.

Regrettably, as the popularity of celebrity boxing grows, such distasteful stunts seeking likes and views might become more frequent. Despite Misfits Boxing's condemnation of Stein's behavior, it seems that his brand of "content" continues to attract attention.

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