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Boxing Canada Breaks Away from IBA Amid Controversy: Joins World Boxing in Significant Move

In a dramatic and pivotal decision reflecting the turbulent times in the world of boxing, Boxing Canada announced its departure from the International Boxing Association (IBA) to become a member of World Boxing. This decision underscores growing concerns surrounding corruption and governance within the IBA.

Iba Logo and Boxing Canada Logo
Boxing Canada has terminated it's relationship with the International Boxing Association in favour of new Global Boxing Organization, World Boxing

Decision Driven by Integrity and Commitment

The announcement by Boxing Canada on August 1st, 2023, came after careful consideration by the Board of Directors and voting membership. The decision was unanimous, emphasizing Canada's commitment to the integrity and advancement of boxing both within the country and internationally.

President of Boxing Canada, Ryan O'Shea, expressed, "This decision underscores our dedication to the growth and development of Boxing in Canada, and our commitment to a transparent and ethical approach in the sport."

IBA Corruption and Mismanagement: A Troubling Legacy

The IBA's attempt to block the decision through an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport was rejected, highlighting the gravity of the organization's failure to address its internal issues.

The organization's controversial sponsorship deal with Russian energy giant Gazprom, terminated following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, further complicated the position of the IBA, led by Russian businessman Umar Kremlev.

IBA Chairman and Russian Business Mogul, Umar Kremlev
IBA Chairman and Russian Businessman, Umar Kremlev

"The IBA remains committed to the development of boxing, the preservation of its independence, and the organization of official tournaments and World Boxing Championships at the highest level," stated the IBA. However, these claims have been overshadowed by numerous allegations of corruption and mismanagement.

World Boxing: A Fresh Start for the Sport

In response to the challenges within the IBA, World Boxing has emerged as a beacon of hope for the sport. The new International Federation aims to restore boxing's place as an Olympic sport and has already received support from countries including Germany, Britain, The Netherlands, The Philippines, Sweden, New Zealand, and the United States.

World Boxing Logo
World Boxing has been established as an alternative Boxing Federation to the IBA, an organization mired in controversy and scandal

Boxing Canada's Future with World Boxing

The shift by Boxing Canada to World Boxing is seen as a positive move that aligns with efforts to enhance the quality and reach of boxing in Canada. The national organization has expressed strong support for World Boxing's ongoing efforts to gain recognition from the IOC and solidify its status as an International Federation (IF). Boxing Canada's break from the IBA, plagued by corruption and governance failures, marks a defining moment in the sport's history. By joining World Boxing, Boxing Canada has reaffirmed its dedication to integrity, excellence, and the growth of boxing in the country.

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