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Boxing Champion Tyson Fury Scheduled to Battle MMA Heavyweight Francis Ngannou in Epic Showdown

Tyson Fury, the reigning heavyweight boxing champion, is set to face Francis Ngannou, a renowned heavyweight contender in mixed martial arts (MMA), in an eagerly anticipated match. Scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia on October 28, this colossal encounter will follow professional boxing regulations.

Francis Ngannou (left), Tyson Fury (Right) [Getty Images]

The formal announcement of this high-profile, cross-discipline match came on Tuesday, ending months of conjecture that had surged since Ngannou left the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the premier MMA promotion globally.

Fury's camp confirmed that the contest in Riyadh would be judged by "three ringside officials utilizing the 10-point must system." However, the total rounds for this clash between the two heavyweights remain undisclosed.

Fury, the World Boxing Council (WBC) champion, last stepped into the ring in December, defeating British boxer Derek Chisora within ten rounds. Unfortunately, discussions for a world title face-off with Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk fell apart in March.

Fury, also known as the "Gypsy King" (GK), hails from a British family of Irish Travellers. Commenting on the upcoming bout, Fury issued a challenge to Ngannou, stating, "This guy is touted as the world's hardest hitter, but we'll see how he responds when the Big GK lands a punch. I'm eager to return to the spotlight."

Ngannou, the Cameroonian fighter, boasts an impressive record, securing 17 victories in 20 professional UFC matches, including 12 knockouts. However, his transition to boxing could prove challenging, as other MMA fighters such as Conor McGregor, Anderson Silva, and Tyron Woodley have previously encountered difficulties when shifting to the boxing ring.

Ngannou has been hinting at a crossover bout with Fury since Fury's victory over Dillian Whyte in April of last year.

Ngannou expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming match, saying, "I’ve aspired to face Tyson in the ring for the past three years. My dream has always been to box, and to box against the best. After becoming the undisputed MMA heavyweight champion, now is my chance to realize this dream and assert myself as the most formidable man on the planet."

Despite this high-stakes matchup, the WBC clarified that it would not be involved in the fight. Fury has been granted "special permission" for a non-title match as he currently does not have a mandatory challenger."

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