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Boxing Events This Weekend: Exciting Fights to Watch (4/15/2023-4/16/2023)

Searching for boxing this weekend? Look no further! This weekend is packed with boxing events that are sure to entertain fans across the globe. The lineup features intense fights this weekend in London and Tampa. Discover the matchups, fighter backgrounds, ramifications of each fight, and where to watch boxing this weekend.

London (April 15th @ 7PM GMT)

Joe Joyce vs. Zhilei Zhang
# of Rounds: 12
Stakes: For Joyce's WBO interim heavyweight title.

In a high-stakes clash, British heavyweight Joe Joyce defends his WBO interim heavyweight title against China's Zhilei Zhang. Both fighters boast impressive records, with Joyce's aggressive style facing off against Zhang's tactical approach. Experts predict a close fight, with Joyce holding a slight edge due to his experience. Catch the fight live on Sky Sports or DAZN.

Mikaela Mayer vs. Lucy Wildheart
# of Rounds: 10
Stakes: for the WBC women's interim lightweight title

Mikaela Mayer, the reigning WBC women's interim lightweight champion, takes on Lucy Wildheart in a 10-round title fight. With Mayer's excellent boxing skills and Wildheart's tenacity, this match promises excitement for fans of women's boxing. Mayer is the favorite to win, but Wildheart could surprise everyone. Watch these boxing matches this weekend on Sky Sports or DAZN.

Denzel Bentley vs. Kieran Smith
# of Rounds: 12
Stakes: for Bentley's British middleweight title

Denzel Bentley defends his British middleweight title against challenger Kieran Smith in a thrilling 12-round contest. Bentley's power and Smith's technical skills make for an intriguing matchup. Bentley is favored to retain his title, but Smith poses a credible threat. Don't miss this showdown on Sky Sports or DAZN.

Sam Noakes vs. Karthik Sathish Kumar
# of Rounds: 12
Weight Class: Lightweights

In an exciting lightweight matchup, British prospect Sam Noakes takes on India's Karthik Sathish Kumar. Noakes is known for his power and accuracy, while Kumar brings speed and agility to the ring. This fight has the potential to be a stepping stone for both fighters as they look to climb the lightweight rankings. Experts predict Noakes to have the advantage, but Kumar could provide a tough challenge. Watch this contest on Sky Sports or DAZN.

Moses Itauma vs. Kostiantyn Dovbyshchenko
# of Rounds: 6
Weight Class: Heavyweights

Nigerian heavyweight Moses Itauma faces off against Ukrainian fighter Kostiantyn Dovbyshchenko in a 6-round contest. Both fighters are relatively new to the professional scene, and this fight will serve as an opportunity to prove their mettle. Itauma's power and athleticism give him an edge, but Dovbyshchenko's resilience should not be underestimated. Catch this heavyweight clash on Sky Sports or DAZN.

Sonny Ali vs. Richard Helm
# of Rounds: 6
Weight Class: Welterweights

Welterweight prospects Sonny Ali and Richard Helm square off in a 6-round battle. Ali, known for his technical skills and quick footwork, will be tested against Helm's aggressive style and punching power. This fight could be a turning point for both fighters as they seek to establish themselves in the welterweight division. Experts predict a closely contested match, with Ali holding a slight advantage. Watch the bout on Sky Sports or DAZN.

Joel Kodua vs. Seamus Devlin
# of Rounds: 4
Weight Class: Junior Middleweights

In a 4-round junior middleweight bout, Joel Kodua takes on Seamus Devlin. Both fighters are early in their professional careers, with Kodua's speed and finesse pitted against Devlin's heart and determination. This fight serves as an opportunity for both fighters to gain valuable experience and showcase their skills. Kodua is the favorite to win, but Devlin could pull off an upset. Catch the action on Sky Sports or DAZN.

Eithan James vs. Georgi Velichkov
# of Rounds: 6
Weight Class: Welterweights

Promising welterweight Eithan James faces off against Bulgaria's Georgi Velichkov in a 6-round contest. James, known for his boxing IQ and tactical approach, will be tested against Velichkov's experience and durability. This fight will be crucial for both fighters as they look to advance in the competitive welterweight division. James is favored to win, but Velichkov could provide a stern test. Tune in to Sky Sports or DAZN to watch this intriguing matchup.

Seth Gyimah vs. Darryl Sharp
# of Rounds: 4
Weight Class: Light Heavyweights

In a 4-round light heavyweight bout, Seth Gyimah takes on Darryl Sharp. Gyimah, a rising talent with a solid amateur background, will face a tough challenge in the experienced and rugged Sharp. This fight will provide valuable experience for Gyimah, who will look to impress against the seasoned Sharp. Gyimah is expected to win, but Sharp's resilience could make it a competitive bout. Don't miss this contest on Sky Sports or DAZN.

Tampa (April 15th @ 6:00PM EST)

Ian “iDubbbz” Jomha vs Alex Wassabi

In a celebrity boxing match, YouTubers Idubbbz and Wassabi face off in Tampa. With both competitors having large fan bases, this bout is expected to generate significant interest. While it may not be a traditional boxing contest, it adds an entertaining element to this weekend's lineup. Be sure to catch this and other fights this Creator Clash weekend on pay-per-view or via live stream.

Tokyo (April 16th @ 8:00PM JST)

Rene Mark Cuarto vs. Ginjiro Shigeoka
# of Rounds: 12
Stakes: Interim world title bout

Rene Mark Cuarto faces Ginjiro Shigeoka in a 12-round interim world title bout at the Yoyogi Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan. Cuarto, a former IBF world minimumweight champion, brings experience and a record of 21 wins, 12 knockouts, two draws, and three defeats. Shigeoka, an unbeaten Japanese fighter, has eight wins with six knockouts. On paper, Cuarto has the edge in experience, reach, and height. However, Shigeoka poses a significant challenge for the Filipino fighter. Don't miss this intriguing matchup on a local sports network or live streaming platform.

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