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Errol Spence Jr. Hopes for A Competitive Showdown with Terence Crawford on July 29th

Errol Spence Jr. expresses his desire for a fair fight when he squares off against Terence Crawford, rather than overpowering the 36-year-old and claiming an effortless win on July 29th.

Spence is hopeful that Crawford will bring a competitive edge to the bout in order to thrill the multitude of boxing enthusiasts who will be attending live or watching via Showtime PPV at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas. There's concern that viewers shelling out $84.99 for the Spence vs. Crawford pay-per-view event might feel short-changed if Spence quickly vanquishes the Omaha, Nebraska native. Critics might devalue such a win, attributing it to Crawford's age or the perceived lower-tier opposition he has faced throughout his undefeated 39-0 career.

Errol Spence Jr (Right) in the ring with Yordenis Ugás (Left)
Errol Spence Jr (Right) in the ring with Yordenis Ugás (Left)

"I would certainly feel let down by a one-sided match where I easily overpower him. However, if it turns into a terrific fight, that's something the audience will reminisce about for years to come," Spence remarked during today's media session. "It's hard to predict how things would have unfolded if this bout had taken place three years earlier. It's likely the outcome will be similar to what we'll see on fight night.

"I've won each of my belts from opponents. I've conquered one champion after another. It wasn't a case of defeating a single belt-holder and claiming all his titles. I've gone through the fire, triumphing over the best in my division who hold belts. I think it's a different experience when you face a champion who has more to lose.

Errol Spence Jr with his various championship belts
Errol Spence Jr with his various championship belts

"Imagine the struggle while swimming. You may tire, start to sink, and possibly drown. People often overestimate their capabilities until they're in the water, fighting to stay afloat. We won't know how this analogy applies until we step into the ring," Spence commented on his perceived physical advantage over Crawford. "Crawford is touted as the one to beat, and we'll definitely find out next week. No previous opponent has readied me for Crawford, given his unique fighting style. It's akin to the match-up between Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns, or even Ali and Joe Frazier.

"I'm indifferent to the fact that he's the main attraction. Everyone has their own opinion, and it's my chance to prove them wrong.

Terence Crawford (Right) delivering an uppercut right to Jose Benavidez (Left)
Terence Crawford (Right) delivering an uppercut right to Jose Benavidez (Left)

"The key is to be aware when he changes his stance. This is applicable whether he's in southpaw or orthodox. I've to stay alert and read his movements. My primary driving force is to win. There's no greater incentive. Winning means success, undisputed champion status, and financial security for my family.

"This fight, along with those to come, has helped me refocus on what's most important – taking care of my family – especially after surviving a car crash. To make sure they're well looked after, even when they age, is a unique motivation that many overlook. Being a great champion goes beyond winning matches," Spence opined when informed of Crawford's claim of beating him in any sport. "It's about the competitive spirit, something we both share."

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