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Errol Spence Questions Terence Crawford's Rematch Desire

Errol Spence Jr. in the ring
Errol Spence Jr. in the ring

Errol Spence Jr promises to embark on a mission of relentless aggression on July 29th, intending to defeat Terence Crawford to such an extent that the latter will have no appetite for a rematch. This intense showdown is set to occur live on Showtime PPV, where Spence aims to devastate Crawford completely.

Spence (28-0, 22 KOs) is determined to inflict damage upon WBO welterweight champion Crawford (39-0, 30 KOs), citing the metaphorical "war" they're engaged in as a driving force, and his family as another significant motive.

Terence Crawford posing with his WBC Belt
Terence Crawford posing with his WBC Belt

Spence, holding the IBF, WBA & WBC 147-lb championship titles, eyes Crawford's belt as the final piece in his quest to become the undisputed champion. Following this, he contemplates ascending immediately to the 154-lb division to pursue its titles.

Whether Spence will hold back hinges upon Crawford's willingness for another encounter post the intense fight scheduled for July 29th. The outcome remains uncertain.

Errol Spence Jr (Right) in the ring with Yordenis Ugas
Errol Spence Jr (Right) in the ring with Yordenis Ugas (left)

If Spence trounces Crawford akin to his previous opponent, Yordenis Ugas, whom he inflicted with a fractured orbital bone and broken nose & ribs, Crawford's recovery could take up to a year. Spence, unwilling to idle while Crawford convalesces, is eager to reenter the ring.

He has no inclination to sacrifice another year of his career waiting for Crawford to recuperate from the brutal match, considering he had already lost a year negotiating this fight.

"My stubborn nature propelled me to this position. At this point, my only desire is to take on Terence Crawford. I have no interest in facing anyone else," Spence Jr expressed during All Access: Spence vs. Crawford – Episode 2. "Our competitive spirits match, and neither of us is ready to accept defeat."

Unless the Spence-Crawford clash concludes in a draw, which is improbable, one will face defeat on July 29th, sparking curiosity over who it will be.

"I couldn't envision a better situation than this. Undeniably, I am the main contender," Spence remarked. "I am the priority party, and that’s why negotiations became somewhat challenging. He was hesitant to acknowledge my superiority in terms of ticket sales and filling seats. Regardless of his achievements, I am the one attracting audiences," Spence added.

Crawford's belief in his three-division world titles and pound-for-pound status contributing to his precedence in the Spence fight was misguided. The leading role falls to the athlete drawing in PPV purchases and ticket sales - in this case, Spence.

"We're each other's destined opponents. It's imperative that we make this fight happen. This match holds legendary status, similar to the epic clashes between Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns, or Tommy Hearns and Marvin Hagler," Spence voiced his sentiment.

"If I manage to crush his spirit, he'll likely decline a rematch," Spence prophesied about the fight's outcome scheduled for July 29th. However, many believe Crawford will persist for a rematch with Errol, even if it entails spending a year in recovery from injuries sustained in the first fight.

"When prepping for a fight of this magnitude, overlooking a single aspect could prove detrimental as Crawford could exploit it," shared trainer Derrick James. "As the fight approaches, the gravity of the situation begins to take hold." "He has been a constant since day one. My achievements are a testament to his vision," Spence acknowledged James. "Terence's strengths lie more in his athleticism than his boxing prowess," James critiqued Crawford. "He is agile, quick, and possesses an impressive reaction speed."

Crawford's fight against Shawn Porter, referred to by Derrick James while analyzing Crawford's athleticism, took place two years prior in 2021. Since then, Crawford has aged and slowed down.

"He poses a significant threat, but you can't gauge his determination until you step into the ring. If Errol's hits are breaking ribs and the orbital bone, and you keep going, it reveals more than his [Crawford] record does," said James. "On paper, he is boxing's most decorated fighter, but at what point does one concede when they're being broken down? That's the question we'll answer. He won't be dancing on the 29th. Leave your dancing shoes at home, ma'am," Derrick warned Crawford's mother, implying an intense, challenging fight.

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