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Francis Ngannou Gears Up to Unleash His "Ultimate Arsenal" on Tyson Fury

Ex-UFC heavyweight titlist, Francis Ngannou, is amping up his preparations for the highly anticipated showdown with the current WBC champion, Tyson Fury.

Scheduled for October 28 in Saudi Arabia, this non-title contest will be governed by conventional boxing regulations and span ten rounds.

Francis Ngannou training in the gym
Francis Ngannou has been busy preparing for his upcoming bout with Tyson Fury

Embarking on his boxing debut, the MMA stalwart faces an uphill battle against the boxing heavyweight behemoth, marking him as a distinct underdog.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, Ngannou shared, "I'm fully aware of the monumental challenge ahead. My anticipation isn't to land easy blows on him. Given Fury's extensive experience, the battle might lean more challenging for me than for him.

"I'm mentally bracing for this. Even in my training, my focus is on prepping for a formidable, agile, and resilient boxer. Possessing a mighty weapon is one thing, but landing it precisely is another. We're honing that precision to ensure the right impact."

With an impressive track record, Fury has been unstoppable recently, sealing wins in his past trio of fights.

Regardless of the magnitude of the challenge, Ngannou remains undeterred.

"Every opponent deserves my respect, and Fury is no different," declared Ngannou. "Yet, feeling daunted? That's not in my vocabulary. Be it the octagon or the boxing ring, when you face an adversary, it boils down to focus and combat. My encounters with elite fighters have equipped me well for this."

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