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Fury's Motive for Ngannou Bout: Money, Says Carl Froch

Carl Froch, a revered figure in British boxing and former super-middleweight world champion, has disclosed that Tyson Fury admitted to him that his forthcoming fight with Francis Ngannou is primarily for the hefty payday.

Tyson Fury (Left) in an interview with Francis Ngannou (Right)
Tyson Fury (Left) in an interview with Francis Ngannou (Right)

Froch asserts that he had a text conversation with Fury, the heavyweight world champion, in which Fury confessed that no other available fight would match the purse offered for a bout with Ngannou. Even a potential face-off with Oleksandr Usyk in Saudi Arabia didn't measure up financially, leading the British boxer to opt for the contentious crossover bout.

While Froch hasn't provided any proof of this exchange with Fury, it offers a plausible rationale for why Fury would agree to a match that won't involve him defending his WBC title. Ngannou, despite being the reigning UFC heavyweight champion, is a novice in the boxing ring, making his upcoming debut against one of the era's top fighters.

Regarding the Ngannou bout, Froch told talkBoxing, “'It’s the biggest fight in heavyweight boxing', that’s what [Fury] said to me. When I asked whether this fight would offer a bigger payday than a bout with Oleksandr Usyk, Fury confirmed that it was indeed a bigger fight and that the purse would surpass what he would have earned otherwise."

However, Froch expressed criticism of the upcoming fight, suggesting that it should be marketed as an exhibition match rather than a bona fide contest that will impact both fighters' records. He acknowledges the financial benefits of a high-profile crossover match, but is skeptical about Ngannou's prospects against Fury.

British Boxer Carl Froch
British Boxer Carl Froch

While he conceded the potential for the fight to pull in large viewership and substantial revenue, Froch implored for transparency about the nature of the bout. “It’s fine if the Saudis are willing to pay big money for it, but let's be honest about what it is," he said.

Froch continued, "Admit that this isn't a professional boxing match, that the UFC-origin fighter probably doesn't stand a chance, and that it's more of a fun exhibition match. While I understand the business logic behind it, let's not oversell it as a game-changing event or the best thing to happen to boxing in ages."

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