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Hearn Speaks Out: Misfits, Kingpyn Should Be Banished From The Boxing Industry

Veteran sports promoter, Eddie Hearn of Matchroom, is expressing his distaste for the recent upheaval in the boxing industry sparked by the surge of "influencer boxing" presented on the DAZN platform.

Eddie Hearn at a press conference
Veteran sports promoter Eddie Hearn speaks at a press conference

Primarily, those who step into the ring for these supposed "boxing bouts" are widely followed social media figures and recognized content developers.

DAZN, the streaming platform, has been vigorously promoting events under the banner of Misfits Boxing. In recent news, another such event was put on by Kingpyn Boxing, situated in Dublin, Ireland.

This event didn't fail to make headlines - albeit for highly controversial reasons. Come Friday, clips of two female contenders engaging in a fleeting kiss during their standoff at the formal weigh-in spread like wildfire.

Daniella Hemsley, a notable figure on OnlyFans, stirred further controversy on Saturday, when she celebrated her win by lifting her top and baring her chest while jumping in excitement inside the ring.

OnlyFans Model Daniella Hemsley and her controversial celebration at the latest Kingpyns Boxing event
OnlyFans Model Daniella Hemsley and her controversial celebration at the latest Kingpyns Boxing event

Hearn was far from pleased, expressing serious offense to the spectacle exhibited during fight week.

As a seasoned promoter, Hearn has dedicated many years to the promotion of women's boxing, and his company is behind some of the most significant women's boxing events to date.

He is a firm advocate for keeping the respected discipline of boxing at a safe distance from the rising trend of influencer boxing.

"My stance is clear, I abhor it. Absolutely abhor it. We've put in considerable effort to establish respect for women in boxing, based on their skill, accomplishments, and commitment. What needs to be understood is that this isn't boxing. That needs to be stressed. All of this — Misfits, Kingpyn, the whole lot. It needs to be exiled from professional boxing, and we must distance ourselves from it," Hearn shared with Boxing Social.

"Yes, it attracts a lot of attention. It's entertaining. It's all of those things, and what we witnessed there [with Hemsley]. To me, our goal, what we've been striving for over years, the sacrifices made to garner respect... once again, it's not boxing. However, I think it's more indicative of societal norms than whether it's good or bad for boxing. I detest it.

"The challenge today is to provide kids with positive role models. I am a father to two girls. Seeing my daughters spend time with or meet Katie Taylor is a moment of pure joy..... it inspires them by showing a woman who has defied odds to achieve so much, proving that nothing is impossible. What we are lacking in today's society is role models.

"Regrettably, we inhabit a world where the so-called role models, or influencers, aren't necessarily setting examples that the older generation, to which I belong, or parents would consider appropriate for their kids. It's not about women or men. We want our kids to conduct themselves in a specific way. That's not the behavior you'd want your kids to emulate, in my view. This is strictly my perspective. But we exist in a chaotic world. Regrettably, the pursuit of fame and popularity is rampant. To each their own.”

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