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Jake Paul and Nate Diaz Face Suspensions After Recent Boxing Showdown

On August 5, 2023, in a thrilling DAZN pay-per-view event in Dallas, celebrity boxer Jake Paul clashed with the former UFC welterweight star Nate Diaz. The match, which spanned 10 rounds, saw Paul, known as "The Problem Child", gaining an upper hand over the Stockton-native Diaz, ultimately securing a unanimous decision win.

After this pulsating encounter in Texas, notable wins were also recorded for fighters such as Amanda Serrano, Ashton Sylve, and Shadasia Green. Subsequently, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, with data sourced from SPAR Boxing, announced a series of mandatory medical suspensions. Both the headline fighters, Paul and Diaz, received suspensions lasting 31 days.

Jake Paul (Right) delivers a right hook to Nate Diaz (Left) on August 5th
Jake Paul (Right) delivers a right hook to Nate Diaz (Left) on August 5th

Full List of Medical Suspensions from the "Paul vs. Diaz" Event:

  • Jake Paul: 31 days

  • Nate Diaz: 31 days

  • Amanda Serrano: 31 days

  • Heather Hardy: 46 days

  • Chris Avila: 19 days

  • Jeremy Stephens: 19 days

  • Ashton Sylve: 13 days

  • William Silva: 61 days

  • Shadasia Green: 31 days

  • Olivia Curry: 31 days

  • Alan Sanchez: 31 days

  • Angel Beltran: 31 days

  • Kevin Newman II: 25 days

  • Quilisto Madera: 46 days

  • Jose Aguayo: 13 days

  • Noel Cavazos: 31 days

  • Luciano Ramos: 13 days

  • Cee Jay Hamilton: 13 days

Note to Readers: While the suspensions might seem extensive, fighters can often return to the ring much sooner, provided they get a medical clearance. These suspensions primarily serve as safety measures. Furthermore, not every injury is immediately evident post-fight. Some injuries may only become apparent after more detailed examinations, potentially leading to longer recovery periods.

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