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Joshua Buatsi Commits to Dan Azeez Showdown

Joshua Buatsi has confirmed his upcoming bout with Dan Azeez, setting up a captivating clash between two South London natives. With their boxing histories closely tied, both fighters possess a keen understanding of the other's strengths and weaknesses, giving them unique insights on how to gain the upper hand. As Buatsi affirmed, "If it's about battling fire with fire, I'm all in."

Joshua Buatsi in the ring.
Joshua Buatsi in the ring.

This fight carries a significant weight of importance and regional honor, with the victor's aspirations for a world title bid hinging on the result.

"Undoubtedly, this is a critical fight with much at stake; the victor is lined up for a world title challenge," Buatsi revealed to Sky Sports. "I rank first, Azeez is second in the WBA. It's logical that the top two combatants fight for the mandatory."

Dan Azeez in fighting pose
Dan Azeez

Despite their personal rapport, both athletes are ready to set it aside for the contest's duration. They have a thorough understanding of each other, including the ability to take advantage of each other's shortcomings.

Buatsi is firm in his resolve to strive for a decisive outcome. "That's the sole approach I envision," he declared. "The transformation you notice in me will certainly be at play."

Buatsi (Left) and Azeez (Right)
Buatsi (Left) and Azeez (Right)

Buatsi's assertive mindset is crucial, given Azeez's anticipated ferocity in the ring. "Indeed, he will be fierce. Yet, I'm ready to embrace that. It'll yield the best in me, making for a thrilling match," Buatsi predicted. "If it's a case of matching intensity with intensity, I'm always game."

The fight style of both boxers is familiar to fans, setting expectations high for a highly engaging encounter. "Fans understand Dan's fighting style, they understand mine. So, anyone observing this fight is bound to expect an intense bout as we both bring our A-game, both hailing from South London," Buatsi opined.

Buatsi concluded with a confident note about his evolution as a boxer. "I enhance my skills with each passing bout," he affirmed. "Azeez also demonstrates improvement with every fight. Regardless of the final result, the spectators are in for an exceptional showdown."

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