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Kingpyn Publicly Apologizes for Daniella Hemsley's Explicit Act, Excludes Her from Future Event

Kingpyn Boxing has publicly apologized after OnlyFans star Daniella Hemsley celebrated her win with an explicit act during the High Stakes Tournament semi-final last weekend.

Hemsley's explicit celebration following her win by unanimous decision against fellow social media star Aleksandra Daniel, also known as Ms. Danielka, made waves on social media. After being declared the victor, an overjoyed Hemsley lifted her top, revealing her topless state to the spectators at Dublin's 3Arena and those watching globally via DAZN. After benefiting from Hemsley's explicit action for 48 hours, the organizers finally issued an official apology to those who were offended by her unsuitable for work celebration.

The organization's statement read: "In our endeavor to deliver the highest quality influencer boxing events, we acknowledge that some viewers may have been offended by the post-match incident on Saturday. We understand that this situation did not meet the standards set for Kingpyn fight nights."

Daniella Hemsley Excluded From Upcoming Kingpyn Boxing Event Due to Controversy Compounding the situation, Daniella Hemsley seems to have been excluded from the subsequent event, set to occur at the O2 Arena in September.

"We extend our sincerest apologies to anyone who was disturbed by the broadcast. The athlete implicated in the incident will not be participating in the final event and has opted to take a break from boxing. We will now shift our focus to the Kingpyn finals, all of us being more resolute than ever to host the best influencer boxing night and promote the sport we all adore."

The organization's move appears hypocritical as Hemsley, in a post-match interview, stated she had been given permission to expose her breasts if she emerged victorious.

Even though the incident stirred more attention than anticipated for an influencer boxing event, Kingpyn is seemingly retreating due to the backlash from prominent boxing figures like British promoter Eddie Hearn, who condemned the organization for allowing it to occur.

Hearn expressed his disgust to Boxing Social regarding Hemsley's explicit celebration, "I detest it. We've strived relentlessly for female boxers to be acknowledged for their talent, achievements, and hard work. It's important to note that this is not boxing. That must be emphasized. All such acts, Misfits, Kingpyn, they should be removed far from professional boxing, and we seriously need to distance ourselves from it."

Self-acclaimed greatest women's boxer of all time, Claressa Sheilds, and current WBO women's welterweight champion Sandy Ryan also expressed their disapproval by posting a video of the uncensored incident on social media.

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