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KSI vs. Tommy Fury: Carl Froch, the UK Boxing Icon, Eyes a Bout with KSI

As KSI gears up for arguably the most significant fight of his crossover boxing journey, he faces Tommy Fury in the spotlight match at MF & DAZN: X Series 10.

Fury has already claimed victory against another significant figure in this domain, besting Jake Paul earlier this year. His aim now? To secure another triumph against a prominent entertainer in the boxing ring.

While many view Fury as the more likely victor, KSI's unique and aggressive boxing approach might just throw a spanner in the works for "TNT".

Each time one of these grand crossover events rolls around, it stirs interest among the boxing elite. In this context, Carl Froch, the former super middleweight world champion, has shown keenness to challenge KSI, albeit in a more casual exhibition match.

In a chat with, Froch mentioned, "I might consider a comeback, but only for an exhibition bout. I hold immense regard for professional boxing and wouldn't aim to compete at an elite level anymore."

He added, “I stepped back from the sport close to 37 for specific reasons. The passion waned, and physically, the challenges grew. If it felt taxing nearly a decade ago, I wouldn't deceive myself into believing it's feasible now."

"While I'd refrain from professional bouts, I'd entertain an exhibition match against personalities like Jake Paul or KSI," Froch concluded.

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