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Mayweather's Fight with Mob Heir Turns Chaotic, Referee Helpless

Floyd Mayweather's latest re-entry to the boxing scene culminated in a chaotic scene as a full-scale melee erupted between his team and that of his adversary, John Gotti III.

Mayweather faced Gotti, the grandson of the notorious former Gambino crime family leader, in an exhibition bout which was abruptly halted in the sixth round, sparking the ensuing chaos.

Both boxers were visibly displeased with the referee's decision. Mayweather gestured at Gotti with a "let's go" comment as they stood toe-to-toe, to which Gotti retorted with an explicit insult.

Tempers flared and punches were thrown before they were pulled apart, with Mayweather's entourage converging on Gotti and cornering him in the ring.

"You heard me warning them!" the referee could be heard exclaiming in the background amid the ongoing skirmish.

"We cautioned both to refrain from using profanity - both Floyd and I gave Gotti the warning."

Entering the match with Mayweather, Gotti held a 5-1 professional record in MMA, and was placed No.702 in Box Rec's light heavyweight rankings.

Mayweather concluded his professional career undefeated at 50-0 after defeating Conor McGregor in 2017, but has since participated in several exhibition matches, including a notable bout with YouTube star Logan Paul in 2021.

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