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Mexican Boxer Erik Robles Shocks Lee McGregor in Homecoming World Title Fight

Erik Robles delivered a surprising blow to Lee McGregor to win the vacant IBO super-bantamweight world championship in a riveting match at Meadowbank.

Lee McGregor (Left) delivers a punch to Mexican Boxer Erik Robles (Right)
Lee McGregor (Left) delivers a punch to Mexican Boxer Erik Robles (Right)

Following an intense 12 rounds of action in Edinburgh, the Scottish fighter's homecoming bout ended in disappointment when the judges unanimously ruled in favour of the Mexican contender.

Robles, although faced with a boisterous crowd, opened the fight strongly by putting the local hero under intense pressure from the get-go.

McGregor retaliated with an effective jab and a powerful body shot in a thrilling opening round. However, Robles didn't let this deter him, continuing his impressive form into the second round with accurate and powerful combination punches.

Known for a slow start but strong finish, McGregor stepped up his game in the third round, enduring a flurry of rapid punches from the spirited Mexican.

By the fourth round, it became evident that Robles couldn't maintain his initial pace, and McGregor seized this opportunity to land some hard uppercuts and body shots.

Whenever questions arose about Robles' stamina, he promptly silenced them with swift combinations and intelligent footwork.

Meanwhile, McGregor had to exhibit his renowned "big heart" earlier than anticipated as the bout reached its midway point.

In the seventh and eighth rounds, McGregor demonstrated more cunning than courage, with a game plan of long-range attacks, including two significant left hooks, paying off.

The ninth round added another dimension of suspense as it was Robles' debut in such late stages of a professional match. Nevertheless, the Mexican fighter managed to retain his composure and ended the round on a high note.

As fatigue started to kick in during the tenth round, Robles released a powerful attack at the center of the ring. McGregor swiftly responded with a formidable left punch and a heavy body blow that had Robles on the ropes.

The eleventh round saw the duel swing back and forth, with McGregor both absorbing and blocking Robles' assault.

The energy from the loud Meadowbank audience motivated McGregor through the final round. Despite a resounding rendition of 'Flower of Scotland' echoing around the venue and both fighters raising their hands at the bell, it was Robles' glove the referee raised, leaving McGregor crestfallen.

Only ten weeks prior, McGregor was uncertain about his boxing future due to a two-year stretch plagued by injuries, delayed fights, financial strain, and personal issues.

Yet, despite this setback, the 26-year-old Scot should not let the loss overshadow a promising career that still has much to offer.

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