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Professional Boxer Heather Hardy Emotionally Reflects After Enduring 278 Blows in Harsh Loss

After enduring a relentless onslaught in her lopsided defeat against Amanda Serrano, Heather Hardy was visibly emotional.

Serrano successfully defended her featherweight championship belts against Hardy, a highlight during the Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz event at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas this past Saturday. This bout marked their second encounter, with Serrano previously clinching a unanimous win against Hardy in September 2019.

Many boxing enthusiasts were in awe of Hardy's perseverance, as she stood firm despite facing a dominant opponent. A mere single judge awarded her a round over the 10-round competition. Following the match, a teary-eyed 41-year-old Hardy expressed her gratitude towards Serrano, a former sparring partner, for providing a lucrative fight opportunity.

Reflecting on her journey, Hardy mentioned, "By the time I went pro, she was already a recognized world champion and a household name in Brooklyn. Having the chance to spar with her and demonstrate my resilience and eagerness to improve was pivotal. Her gesture of acknowledging my struggles and offering her hand of support is invaluable."

Pouring her heart out, she added, "I've poured every ounce of my energy into this. Today and for the past three months, I've given it my all. I've got no reservations; I've given everything." An emotional Serrano chimed in, emphasizing, "This is a testament to why female boxers need unity. We should be elevating, not diminishing each other, collectively championing the magnificent world of women's boxing."

Since her defeat against Katie Taylor in April, Serrano has secured three back-to-back victories. Anticipation was building for a rematch in May, but due to an injury, Serrano had to step back, leading Taylor to face, and subsequently lose to, Chantelle Cameron. Taylor aims to redeem herself in a bout against Cameron slated for November 25.

With Serrano recently partnering with MMA promoter PFL, the buzz is that a third Serrano-Hardy fight might be in the pipeline. When probed about a potential MMA face-off with Hardy after her victory, Serrano remarked, "Who's to say? Given Hardy's tenacity, she'd probably be up for an MMA challenge."

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