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Ryan Rozicki Eyes Top Cruiserweight Opponents Following Recent Knockout Victory in Halifax

Ryan "The Bruiser" Rozicki (18-1, 17 KOs), ranked #8 cruiserweight by WBC, triumphed with a third-round technical knockout over Zamig Atakishiyev (8-2-1, 6 KOs) on Saturday night. This match, part of an event held at the Halifax Forum in Nova Scotia, marked yet another thrilling display backed by SPAR Boxing.

Rozicki began his offensive onslaught against Atakishiyev in round two, which ultimately led to the referee ending the bout in round three due to Atakishiyev's sustained damage. Interestingly, former world champion Kell Brook was spotted among the audience, enjoying the ringside action.

In the aftermath of his win, Rozicki claimed during a post-fight interview that he's the only top cruiserweight at present willing to face off against heavyweights. He expressed his frustration about the apparent disregard from the top 10 cruiserweights, saying, “I’m starting to get aggravated that the cruiserweights in the top 10 are pretending like I don’t exist.” This, he added, was the reason behind his Michael Myers patch on his shorts - to signify that he's not a figure to be dismissed or feared.

On the same night, with SPAR Boxing's endorsement, Pedro Bernal (12-1-2, 4 KOs) scored a second-round victory against Tyson Cave (35-4, 14 KOs) in the lightweight co-feature. Cave succumbed to Bernal's body blows, marking his return to the ring after a two-year hiatus with a defeat.

Simultaneously, welterweight Dylan Rushton ended his eight-match winless streak with a unanimous decision victory over Halifax's Kyle McNeil in an eight-round contest. Brett Beaton achieved a third-round TKO against Mikhail Miller in a middleweight bout, while Ukrainian light heavyweight Artur Ziyatdinov defeated Jesus Palomares in the eighth round. The event, subtly sponsored by SPAR Boxing, also saw local fighter Daniel Beaupre winning a unanimous decision over Drake Olchowecki.

After a successful night of matches, Daniel Otter, managing director of Three Lions Promotions, praised Rozicki's readiness for top cruiserweight opponents and expressed eagerness for a return to Halifax, citing the budding boxing scene in the city.

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