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Sitting Down with Jake Daoust

SPAR is excited to introduce you to the talented Jake Daoust, an inspiring Three Lions Promotions boxer who will be taking the ring on June 10th for the Ryan Rozicki fight night in Halifax. With a strong boxing lineage, an impressive background, and a relentless passion for the sport, Jake is a fighter to watch as he steps into the ring as an undercard competitor.

We recently had the opportunity to ask Jake a few questions, where he shared insights into his boxing journey, his training regimen, and his aspirations in the sport. We are pleased to present the highlights of our conversation with Jake, as he candidly answers 12 questions about his life, boxing career, and the people who have supported and inspired him along the way.

SPAR: "How did you first get introduced to boxing, and what inspired you to pursue it professionally?"

Jake: "My great grandfather boxed professionally (fought Sugar Ray Robinson as an amateur). My grandfather also fought professionally, my dad boxed in tough guy competitions and in the amateurs, and the biggest influence was my brother as he boxed when we were kids. I was in the gym at 6 years old and had my first fight at 10. I started to get pretty good, winning national titles at 14, and the extra energy that often got me into trouble in school started to die down. I really only cared about fighting and now it's the only way I know how to live and really feel I can't live without it."

SPAR: "Can you share a memorable moment or a significant turning point in your boxing career so far?"

Jake: One of my favourite boxing moments was when I hosted an amateur event when I was 20 years old in my hometown of Orangeville, Ontario. We flew Team Jamaica over, but only one of them could end up coming because of coach issues, so I was stuck fighting the national champion in the weight class above me. We went toe to toe in front of the sold out crowd in Orangeville. The crowd chanted my name and it was a very special moment for me.

SPAR: "Tell us about your training routine and the coaching staff who have helped shape your career. What makes your training regimen unique?"

Jake: "Training with Stevie Bailey has upped my boxing technique, IQ, and shape tremendously. While not in camp, I am training 4-5 times a week and while I am in camp, I train twice a day for 5 days and once a day for 1 day for a total of 6 days a week. Stevie works on my boxing and strength/conditioning as he is well educated in both fields. Stevie is so organized and on point that my camps with him have all been great. He has taken me back to basics and has completely switched my boxing style to the way that it should be. He has helped me increase my power in a big way and has helped me with my footwork, and all of the basics really. While in camp I do my strength/conditioning in the morning and my boxing in the evenings; sparring usually twice a week. What makes my training regimen so unique is the incredible team that I have. My whole team works to the bone, they're not only hard but smart."

SPAR: "How do you mentally prepare yourself for a big fight, and what strategies do you use to stay focused under pressure?"

Jake: " I mentally prepare for fights by visualizing, and by talking to Stevie. Not only is he my coach, but he is my sports psychiatrist! Also, it helps that I have been boxing for so long and have been in most situations before. With 90 fights as an amateur fighting on team Canada overseas, I have been able to get used to all types of crowds and pressures. Nonetheless each fight still feels different in some way. It's a crazy sport."

SPAR: "What would you say has been the most challenging opponent or fight you have faced, and how did you overcome that challenge?"

Jake: "I would have to say my most challenging opponent was my one loss as a professional. It was 8 rounds, he was another undefeated fighter, he is a southpaw, and I had to drop some weight which I had never done on that scale before. We went 8 rounds of war, but I started to find myself too late in the fight. I would still like a rematch for that."

SPAR: "How do you balance your personal life with the demanding schedule of a professional boxer?"

Jake: "I just pick and choose my times. Boxing is an all year round sport that takes up lots of time, but you make time for something when you love it. However when it is time to relax and enjoy myself after a fight, I always do. I just have to be disciplined with sticking to my times to relax and times to get on it again."

SPAR: "Can you describe the support system that has been crucial to your success in and out of the ring?"

Jake: "My support system is incredible. My sponsors Magnum Millwork, Cheltenham Vet Clinic, Mammoth Supplements, Vrume Leads, DTS Technical, 409 Collisions, Deja Vu Diner, Brakes Plus Orangeville, The Mullin Group Real Estate, and Speedy Glass Orangeville have been there my last couple of fights on board; and most of them from day 1! They have really given me reason to keep going and believe in myself and not give up. I'm also lucky to have my best friend Josh as my support system, my family, and the support I get from my hometown of Orangeville; all of which is absolutely amazing and an essential key to my success. I wouldn't be here without all of these people."

SPAR: "What do you consider your greatest strength as a fighter, and how do you continually work to improve it?"

Jake: "I think my greatest strength as a boxer is my jab. Apparently all of my boxing family was known to have a good jab and I continuously work on mine in the gym. Stevie has me throw lots and lots of jabs, so get ready for that for my next fight!"

SPAR: "Who are some of your boxing idols, and how have they influenced your fighting style or career aspirations?"

Jake: "I have a couple of boxing idols that have definitely influenced my style, attitude and career aspirations. My first coach Bryon Mackie is a Canadian boxing legend. He taught me heart and how to look swaggy in the ring. He is who I travelled with the most as an amateur so I learned not to quit, I learned independence, and I learned how to love the sport and have fun through all the craziness. Tyson Fury is also a big favourite of mine. As a fighter with all kinds of styles, he can box and move when he has to, and he can fight hard when he has to. What I love most about Fury is his ability to put into words the thoughts and emotions that fighters go through. Stylistically I love watching and admiring Miguel Cotto, Floyd Mayweather, and Andre Ward."

SPAR: "What are your short-term and long-term goals within the boxing world, both inside and outside the ring?"

Jake: "Short term I want a Canadian Title either end of this year or early next. I want to travel to the best gyms in Canada and USA and just get better to become the best fighter I can. Long term I want a World title, to start my own gym along with some other businesses, and to inspire and help others."

SPAR: "What advice would you give to young aspiring boxers looking to follow in your footsteps and make a name for themselves in the sport?"

Jake: "Stay disciplined and keep showing up. Don't expect it to be easy because it's not. Study the greats, and make sure you are hanging out with the right crowd; with the people that want the same things in life as you do."

SPAR: "As you continue to grow in your career, how do you envision your legacy in the boxing community, and what impact do you hope to leave on future generations of fighters?"

Jake: "I hope to leave the legacy of a smart warrior, as someone that can fight, but left most fights untouched. I'd like to be remembered as someone who has a really good jab. I want to give my family a good name. I want to show future generations that it's possible to participate in the sport, make lots of money and get out without brutally injuring yourself."

Make sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming Three Lions Promotions Boxing Event on June 10th in Halifax, where fighter Jake Daoust will be showcasing his skills as an undercard competitor. Sponsored by SPAR Apparel, this night promises to be an electrifying showcase of boxing talent. Come out and support Jake as he takes the ring, and be part of the journey as he continues to build his legacy in the sport of boxing!

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