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Custom Boxing Gloves

Boxing is more than a sport; it’s a personal journey, an art, a statement of prowess. Every boxer, novice or seasoned, deserves equipment that complements their unique journey. At SPAR Boxing, we’ve melded Canadian craftsmanship with personal expression through our new service – allowing you to design your own boxing gloves. Unveiling the ultimate fusion of quality and individuality: SPAR Custom Boxing Gloves.

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How Does It Work?

  1. Selection of Basics: It all begins with our user-friendly form, where you choose key features like material, weight, and closure type (laced or strapped).

  2. Craft Your Design: After form submission, a design template lands in your inbox. Whether you’re using basic design tools or advanced software, this template is your canvas. This is where you customize your own boxing gloves.

  3. SPAR Design Team Collaboration: Once your masterpiece is ready, send it back. Our specialized design team will delve into your creation, ensuring every detail aligns with our craftsmanship standards. If any nuances need tweaking, a dedicated SPAR account specialist will be at your service, ensuring perfection.

  4. Precision Manufacturing: With design approved, your blueprint moves to the SPAR Manufacturing Team. Here, Canadian craftsmanship meets passion, bringing your vision to life with unparalleled precision.

  5. The Crafting Period: Customized boxing gloves require patience. From design nod to readiness, the journey typically spans 3-4 weeks.

How Much Does It Cost?

1) Choose Your Material​


Artificial Leather: Base cost of $245 CAD

Leather (Premium Option): Base cost of $275 CAD

1) Choose Your Material

  1. Irrespective of the chosen size, the cost remains the same, ensuring that everyone gets their perfect fit without worrying about fluctuating prices.

  2. 10oz: No additional cost.

  3. 12oz: No additional cost.

  4. 14oz: No additional cost.

  5. 16oz: No additional cost.

  6. 3. Type:

  7. Strapped: No additional cost.

  8. Laced: Additional $55 CAD for the superior fit and craftsmanship of laced gloves.

  9. Price Calculation Examples:

  10. A pair of Artificial Leather, 10oz, Strapped gloves:

  11. Base cost: $245 CAD

  12. Total: $245 CAD

  13. A pair of Artificial Leather, 14oz, Laced gloves:

  14. Base + Laced: $245 + $55 = $300 CAD

  15. Total: $300 CAD

  16. A pair of Leather, 14oz, Strapped gloves:

  17. Base cost: $275 CAD

  18. Total: $275 CAD

  19. A pair of Leather, 14oz, Laced gloves:

  20. Base + Laced: $275 + $55 = $330 CAD

  21. Total: $330 CAD

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